How to Choose a Home Security System

It is important for a homeowner or renter to consider their specific wants and needs when choosing a home security system. Budget may play a significant role in the decision-making process, so it is encouraging that options exist at many price points.

Below, find a guide that highlights a few of the most popular products and services to help secure the home.

Alarm Systems

Traditional audible alarm systems are still a popular choice when it comes to home security. Services exist to provide 24-hour monitoring of all wired entrance points, and can alert you to a breach or summon emergency services when necessary.

Many modern systems also allow for remote control of the security system. This means that when you're traveling or even just across town at work, you can disarm and rearm the the alarm.

Video Surveillance

Systems that include video monitoring can help you keep an eye on your home from wherever you are at any given time. In addition to helping you watch for and record any criminal activity, video surveillance systems can help you monitor everything that goes on in your home. Parents of young children can keep an eye on the nanny. For parents of older kids, video surveillance allows you to be certain your teen arrived safely at home after school or kept their curfew as instructed.

In the event of a burglary, home invasion or assault, video surveillance systems that actually record what the cameras detect can provide important evidence to aid police in their investigation.


Inexpensive motion-activated lighting systems can provide security and peace of mind at a moderate price point. These systems are perfect for renters who don't want complicated, wired systems involving a contracted monitoring service. These lights can be purchased at most home improvement stores and either installed professionally or on a do-it-yourself basis.

In closing, choosing a home security system is an important step to protecting your home, family and property from a variety of threats.